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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Traditional Medicinals Herbal Teas, 16-Count Wrapped Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

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Traditional Medicinals Herbal TeasHerbal Teas


This tea is wonderful. I was skeptical that it was going to help my cramps but I decided to try it. I knew the tea by itself is good for you and it's organic so I thought--why not? Because of this tea, this month is the second time I have not been popping Ibuprofen like candy.

I drank this tea in the morning (double dose..2 bags in 1 cup) and 1 dose 3 hours later. I was at church so I didn't take the tea with me and the cramps were starting to bother me again. When I got home, I drank the tea and after 30 minutes, completely pain-free. I read raspberry leaf is good for the uterus..Anyway, it helped me.

The tea has to steep for 10-15 minutes covered. Honestly a pleasant surprise. Everyone was telling me to take birth control pills to lessen severe cramps but I refuse to because of the serious side effects.

Can't go wrong with natural.

I've suffered from sleeplessness for many years and refuse to try any medications or pills to help me.

After trying more than ten variety of tea brands (all still sitting in my kitchen!) to help me better sleep at night--I have found this one to work like wonders!

I have been able to sleep soundly and even after waking up in the middle of the night, I am able to go back to sleep quickly.

I drink a strong cup when I get home from work and throughout the evening w/dinner and have a cup sitting on my table near my bed.